Are Heaters Worth The Money?

Baptistry Heaters

It has been argued that heaters can make or break a baptism service for a church. But how can such a small piece of equipment have such a large impact on a person’s baptism experience?

Throughout this article, we will be discussing whether or not heaters are worth the money and if they are, what all should be considered when selecting the proper heater for your baptismal pool.

Should Every Church Have Heaters For Their Baptismal?

It’s not an absolute requirement for churches to have water heaters for baptism. However, it can greatly assist in making the experience much more pleasant. The average person might tend to get a little nervous when it comes to being baptized, especially if it’s before a large group of people. The shock of walking the person into a tank or pool of cold water will create a much more tense and nerve-racking experience for them. The person is almost guaranteed to become more nervous.

On the other hand, if they are walked into a pool of water that is heated and warmed to an appropriate temperature, it’s much more likely that the person will feel much more at ease. Using the heater to have the water warmed will almost certainly result in a calmer, more relaxing atmosphere.

What Things Should Be Considered When Looking To Buy Heaters?

There are a number of different factors to consider when churches are thinking about purchasing a heater. First of all, churches must look at their current situation to see whether or not a heater will benefit them. If the water they are trying to heat is located within a baptismal within the church, chances are good that the water in this structure will be naturally cool, or even cold. When filling the tank, the water is typically cold and then it needs to be heated. The amount of water that you will need to heat is definitely something to think about.

The other thing to consider is what type of baptistry, or baptistery, you will be looking at heaters for. If you have a typical baptism structure that is built in to the church, then you will need to consider circulation heaters or immersion heaters. On the other hand, if your church is look at water heaters for a portable baptismal pool, then the size of heater you will need will be very different. Circulation heaters and immersion heaters are also available for this type of baptistry as well.

Which Is Better? Circulation Heaters or Immersion Heaters?

The two primary water heaters used in baptism services are circulation heaters and immersion heaters. Though both of these types of heaters serve primarily the same purpose, they are both very different, and those differences must be discussed if you are considering heaters for your church.

Circulation heaters do exactly what it sounds like they do. These heaters circulate the water through them and heat it this way. Circulation heaters come in different sizes, all depending on the volume of water that needs to be heated. They are relatively quiet and can be contained within a very small area. Most of the time, these heaters can stay very well hidden, especially in built-in baptisteries. Circulation heaters are also available for portable baptistry units and will be much smaller, due to the need to heat a much smaller volume of water.

Immersion heaters also do what you might think they do. They heat the water by being immersed in them. These heaters are actually placed inside the tank or structure as water heaters. They do not circulate the water. Rather, they only perform their specific task in heating the water up. In recent years, the safety of these heaters has been called into question. Because they require being immersed in water to be most effective, the potential for a dangerous situation to occur increases. As a result, we do not offer them for purchase. We do, in fact, highly recommend circulation heaters for their effectiveness, ease of use and overall safety.

Whatever your need, researching heaters is very important. When considering whether or not they are worth the money, you must think about the overall experience that a person will receive when taking part in baptism. We believe without any doubt that heaters are worth every penny that is spent, as it enhances the overall experience for the person being baptized.