Baptistry Heaters

Baptistry Heaters

This article will discuss baptistry heaters and why they are essential for any church to maintain an environment of comfort and safety for anyone being baptized. Baptism is one of the most important events in a Christian’s life. It is a religious ceremony that signifies rebirth of the spirit hence an important milestone in the life of a Christian. Baptism usually takes place in a body of water such as a built-in church baptistry or a portable baptistry. Since some baptisms occur outside, during the hot summer months, having a pastor dip you or your child into the pool can be quite a refreshing experience. However, this is not the case when you have to be baptized during the cold winter months. If anything, you may be strongly against the baptism of yourself or your child during the winter since someone may catch a cold. This is not a problem only you have to face. In fact, many people share the same concern with you. It is for this reason that these heaters were invented. This article will look at baptism and discuss the importance of having an effective baptistry water heater.

The Importance of Baptism in a Christian’s Life

The first and perhaps most important significance of baptism is that it is an outside profession of what has happened within. When a Christian is baptized, typically in some type of baptismal pool, it is a public declaration that he or she is born again, so to speak. However, the act of being born again is something that takes place within a person’s heart and soul. It is not visible to other people unless something is done. The thing that is done to show the inner transformation through salvation of a Christian is baptism.

Secondly, baptism is a one of the sacraments or ordinances of the church. Being baptized is therefore something that is expected of a Christian as part of his or her Christian life. Baptism is also a declaration of faith. When a person is baptized, he or she assumes the label of Christian and association with the religion. This serves as evidence for the rest of the Christian’s life that he or she has accepted Christ into his or her life and wants the world to know that he or she is indeed a Christian.

Do Churches Need Baptismal Heaters?

For churches that are located in places where the cold months can get freezing cold, church baptistry heaters are a must have. Being one of the most important events in a Christian’s life, a church needs to cater to the needs of its flock as it sees fit. Even if a baptistry is located inside the church, the temperature of the water is still affected. There is no need for the church to stop baptism during certain months of the year because of the cold.

Another importance of baptismal heaters is the effect that they have on the newcomer. Beginning a new life in Christianity is something that should be received with joy, excitement and celebration for a Christian. This means that the event of baptism itself should be one that a person enjoys. When one is dipped in a pool of cold water, the event can be one that a person would like to forget as soon as possible. A person does not want to have bad memories of his or her baptism such as the terrible cold that he or she had the few days after the baptism. A baptismal heater can help to solve this problem.

Also, baptismal pool heaters are very important when the health of church goers is concerned. A pastor, or any member of the church, does not want to be faced with a situation in which several members of the flock fall ill as a result of being baptized in chilling cold water. Some diseases and condition such as the flu, pneumonia and asthma are all as a result of exposure to cold environments. Therefore, it will do a church a lot of good to make sure that it invests in a baptistry heater to avoid having some of its members being affected by these diseases and conditions.

What to Look For When Selecting Baptismal Heaters

The size of the body of water is one of the things that the church should consider when buying a baptistry heater. Usually, for built-in baptistries, a circulation heater is used to heat the water and is activated about 24 hours before the actual baptism. However, the size needed to heat the amount of water must be considered. If a church has a large baptistry and decides to go for a small heater, then the water may still be cold when the time for baptism arrives. This will mean double costs in that there will have been a waste of power and the newcomers might still be affected by the cold water. Conversely, when a large baptistry heater is used in a small pool of water, the water might turn out to be so hot to the extent that it burns and scalds those who are being baptized. A portable baptistry heater may also be used for non built-in baptistries. Churches must be careful to maintain proper water temperatures when considering which baptistry water heater to purchase.

The safety features of the heater should also be seriously put into consideration. The church is a place where people from all walks of life, body sizes and ages congregate. It is for the sake of the children among the congregants that the safety features of the heaters should be considered. If for some reason a particular model of a heater has caused problems for other churches before, chances are that it will in yours. Due to safety concerns, immersion heaters are not typically recommended as an appropriate baptistry heater.

The longevity of baptismal heaters is also something that should be taken into account. The heaters are not going to be used around the clock but only during certain times. Top baptistry heaters should therefore maintain their functionality, efficiency and power even when they are used for only a total of a few months during the year. In fact, a good baptistry heaters, the best of which are manufactured by Hydroquip, should be able to last for many years.