Top Baptistry Heaters

Baptismal HeatersLet’s take a look at two of the most popular baptistry heaters on the market today. One brand that is highly functional for both large and small baptismal pools is the Hydro-Quip BES 6000 series. The series includes two sizes of heaters, a 5.4 kw version, and an 11 kw version. Which you choose will depend on the size of the pool. Both models have a 3/4 hp electric circulation motor, GFCI protection (for eliminating the risk of electric shock) and a complete installation kit. Once installed, these units are known to be extremely long lasting and efficient.

A few other useful features that make this a stand-out product are an optional built-in 7 day timer, auto-fill level and auto-off features, a full-range thermostat, and even a remote control unit. Included with this series is a complete installation guide and wiring kit, which means that installation can most-likely be handled by the church handy man. Even if you prefer to bring in a professional, installation is quick, and you shouldn’t have to think about it again for years to come.

If your congregation would prefer to look into a portable baptistry heater, the PBES 6010 is a great option. This is a smaller unit, but will still be sufficient for all but the largest of pools. It includes a submersible pump, full range thermostat, pressure switch activation, a 15 foot suction and return hose, and also counts on GFCI shock protection. This is a great product if you would like to have the option to utilize the same heating unit for more than one pool.

The reason that these two products continue to set the standard is that they manage to strike an effective balance between efficient operation and simplicity. Once installed, it will most likely be many years before you have to give your heater another thought. Operation is so simple that anyone can be taught to use the device in just a few minutes. Also important, there are safeguards included that will prevent any hazards like electric shocks. The auto-off and timer features also help you keep the electric bill down by making sure that the unit doesn’t get left on unnecessarily.

It is the job of the modern church to stay true to the ancient spirit of the gospel while also making concessions to the contemporary age. Church officials are tasked with striking this delicate balance. When it comes to modern hardware and equipment, it is important to look for quality, simplicity, and durability. Each baptistry water heater outlined above offer exactly that to churches all over the world.

What to Consider When Buying Baptistry Heaters

The sole purpose of this piece of church equipment is to heat the water in a baptismal pool. Obviously the goal is to create a more comfortable experience for worshipers. As we mentioned earlier, this might seem like a minor detail, but it is nonetheless an important concession to make in these modern times.

Just like any electric fixture, desirable features include long life, reliability, safety, and efficient operation. In addition, you will want to make sure that the unit you buy has enough power to suit the size of the pool. Finally, simplicity is important when it comes to electronic fixtures like this. There is no need for over-complexity when it comes to baptismal pool heaters, especially considering that it may be necessary for many different people to understand how to use it. In addition, the ones responsible for purchasing these baptismal heaters must decide if heaters are worth the money when looking at their overall budget.

Deciding Between Circulation and Immersion Baptismal Heaters

There are two main categories of baptismal heaters to consider: immersion and circulation. An immersion heater, as you might have guessed, is immersed in the pool itself. Water circulation will disperse the heated water produced at the heating element in order to heat the entire pool. While this kind of heater is convenient for many applications, most churches tend to steer clear. This is because the exposed element is liable to get kicked or otherwise jostled at some point. The people using a baptismal pool have other things on their mind, and shouldn’t have to waste attention on avoiding the heating element.

A circulation heater utilizes an external device mounted behind or beside the pool. Much like a recreational pool heater, this device uses a pump to circulate the water in the pool though its internal heating elements and back into the pool again. Most churches find that this device is less intrusive, easier to maintain, and as simple to use as flipping a switch.

As times change, it is the job of the church to adapt while staying true to their mission from God. Changes to the church can be seen in everything from the use of email to more modern conveniences inside the church itself. One detail that the congregation might not even think about are church baptismal heaters. Nevertheless, church leaders will have to consider this important piece of equipment, and chances are they don’t have a lot of experience in the area. We hope that this article has helped to provide a brief guide for those responsible for choosing the best church baptistry heaters.